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Native American Baskets by WaterturtleWeaver

Native American Artist Lydia Vassar.jpg

Luiseno Artist Lydia Vassar

Native American Artist Lydia Vassar  creates traditional Indian baskets, unique Indian jewelry and Luiseno inspired Native American dolls.

Lydia, a member of the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseno Indians gathers native plants for her basket materials in the hills and valleys of San Diego and Riverside Counties. Her ancestors  gathered precious California native plants in this same area. Basket weaving supplies and materials are a disappearing resource in Southern California as well as in other parts of the country.

Lydia gathers juncus reeds, deer grass, yucca, sumac and various other native basket weaveing materials to make her coiled and twined Luiseno Indian baskets. Lydia also gives basket weaving instructions to local tribal Indian youth at the Chammakilawish Pechanga School. Pechanga tribal students in Kindergarten through 5th grade ranging in age from 5 to 10 years are learning about native plants, native foods and thier uses while creating beautiful Indian baskets from dried juncus.

Delightful Native doll representations of Luiseno Indian people pre-contact are carefully detailed by Lydia. Ancient Indian customs, Yucca sandals, elderberry bark skirts, rabbit fur capes, tanned leather pouches and abalone shell adornments are just some of the items created by Lydia to adorn her one-of-a kind hand stitched Native American dolls.

This talented Native American artist continually innovates and updates her unique Native American jewelry designs. Incorporating a blend of traditional and contemporary Indian jewelry techniques she creates masterful works of wearable Native American art. Her dolls are hand stitched with beautiful glass beads, shells or fresh water pearls.


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